The line of research Software Engineering at COPPE / UFRJ is at the moment developing projects in four areas, several of them involving multidisciplinary work.

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Main Research Themes

Software Development Environments

The research in the area of Software Development Environments (ADS) is being held since 1989. Work in progress involving research and development at:

  • Infrastructure for ADS
  • Software Development Environments oriented organization
  • the enterprise software development environments
  • software reuse and development environments
  • Management of software development projects
  • Knowledge management in software engineering and organizational learning
Software Quality Control

The work in this area began in 1985. The work in progress, are related to:

  • Software process: definition, measurement and improvement
  • d Quality software andmaterials, verification and validation
  • Software Metrics
  • Tools for quality assessment

    A key activity in this area is participation in Brazilian Program Quality and Productivity / Software.

Software Reuse

In this area are being carried out research and development in the following areas:

  • domain engineering and product line
  • Configuration Management and reuse of software
  • Component-based Development
  • the domain specific software architectures
  • Re-engineering and software reuse
Experimental Software Engineering

The work in this area began in 2000. There are ongoing research and development in the following areas:

  • Software Engineering and experimental studies
  • experimentation process
  • Templates for packaging experiments
  • Infrastructure for experimentation
  • Evidence-based Software Engineering