DOUBLE UFRJ ANALYTICA! This week the team was crowned winner with not one, but TWO TIMES in the biggest hackathon in Latin America, Hacking.Rio!

The competition took place between November 26th and 28th, with 48 hours straight of programming, checkpoints, MVPs and 282 teams in total.

UFRJ Analytica participated with two teams, in the tracks of Sustainable Development Objective 13 and 14, of Action Against Global Change in Climate and Life in Water, respectively.

Team 1 developed the project Vale a Pena Conservar, with the challenging Vale, and Team 2 developed the Sea Journey project, with the challenging OceanPact Serviços Marítimos.

Prof. Claudio Miceli (PESC) was the head of the UFRJ ANALYTICA Team.

In addition, UFRJ was elected the best educational institution by the organizers, with the largest number of participants and winning teams 🤩

Check out our amazing members who brought home the double:

TIME 1 - Kaylani Bochie, Maria Luiza Wuillaume, Rafael Ribeiro, Ronald Albert and Vinícius Lettiéri Proença.

TIME 2 - Daniel Corcino, Lais Cossetti, Melissa Pereira and Rafael da Silva Fernandes.

Click here for the Team website.

Congratulations to the UFRJ ANALYTICA Team!