Ulisses Telemaco Neto's doctoral thesis "AgileQube: on the Approach for Specification and Detection of Agile Smells", supervised by Prof. Toacy Oliveira, was awarded second place in the Doctoral Theses Competition in Software Quality at the Brazilian Symposium on Software Quality (SBQS 2021)

Jhonatan Boarim
's "Quality of CRM Systems" Master's Thesis, supervised by Profa. Ana Regina Rocha.

Former PESC students supervised other awarded doctoral theses: "Directives of Communicability for Software Artifacts," supervised by Profa. Tayana Conte from UFAM and "Organizing a set of Empirical Findings on the Causes and Effects of Technical Debt through a Globally Distributed Family of Surveys," supervised by Prof. Rodrigo Spinola from UNIFACS and whose author Nicolli Rios also received one of the Distinguished Papers Awards for the article "Technical Debt is not Only about Code and We need to be Aware about it." Nicolli is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Experimental Software Engineering Group at PESC.

One more Master's thesis oriented by a PESC ex-student was awarded. The dissertation "An Approach Based on Conceptual Modeling to Understand Factors that Influence Interoperability in Systems of Information Systems," was supervised by Prof. Rodrigo Santos from UNIRIO.

Furthermore, Prof. Ana Regina Cavalcanti da Rocha and Kival Weber were publicly honored by the Software Quality community for their valuable and intense contribution to the area over these 20 years of SBQS and the implementation of the software quality culture in Brazil.

Congratulations to the awarded students, alumni, and PESC professors!