The UFRJ Polytechnic School held its traditional Graduation Ceremony for the courses in Computer and Information Engineering (ECI), Electrical, Electronics and Computing, Nuclear, Control and Automation, Materials and Mechanics, on April 10, 2023, at 6 pm , at the Horta Barbosa Auditorium (block A of CT). The ceremony was the first to be held in person after almost three years of ceremonies degree graduation remotes.

The seven graduating students of the Computer and Information Engineering (ECI) course honored Professor Daniel Ratton Figueiredo, chosen as Paraninfo of the class, employee Cláudia Helena Prata, current academic secretary of the course, and Professor Flávio Luis de Mello (DEL/ UFRJ).

Congratulations to the graduates and our honorees! Special congratulations to the graduate Cainã Figueiredo Pereira who obtained the highest GPA among the graduates of all classes in this collation and led the oath! Cainã is currently a master's student in PESC, along with Pedro Maciel Xavier.

Below is a photo taken at the event (from right to left): Daniel Ratton Figueiredo (paraninfo), Lucas Santiago Peixoto, Gustavo Pires Machado, Pedro Maciel Xavier, Gabriel de Oliveira da Fonseca, Flávio Luis de Mello (honored professor), and at the front, Cainã Figueiredo Pereira, and João Victor Almeida Davim.




Published on 04/12/2023