Prof. Nelson Maculan, along with Ana Flavia Uzeda Macambira, Luidi Simonetti and Rosiane de Freitas Rodrigues has just published another book.

With the title "Tópicos em Otimização Inteira"/"Topics in Whole Optimization" the book, published by Editora da UFRJ in December/2022, can be accessed digitally by clicking here.

Congratulations Ana Flávia, Luidi, Rosiane and Maculan!


We propose a book with nine chapters aimed at studying topics associated with Integer Optimization, also called Combinatorial Optimization. We chose the Portuguese language so that we can disseminate the Integra Optimization in all countries of the Portuguese-speaking community. Students, professors, researchers, professionals in Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Operations Research, Management Science, Economics, Natural Sciences, Actuary will be able to use it perfectly. We try to cover a large part of subjects in Combinatorial Optimization studied and researched nowadays. The first two chapters present the basic knowledge for the others. More specialized topics start with the art of modeling with bivalent variables (zero or one) Integer Optimization and Non-Convex Optimization problems. Modeling and solving NP-hard problems in graphs, column generation techniques in Linear and Integer Optimization, Duality in Integer Optimization, Polyhedral Combinatorics, Mixed Integer Nonlinear Optimization and Approximation Algorithms are part of this book.