UFRJ promotes, from July 12th to 16th, 2021, the "Festival of Knowledge" which this year will have as its theme "Possible Futures".


From PESC we will have the participation of professors Nelson Maculan and Claudio Miceli in the activities below.


See the entire schedule by clicking here.



Day 12/07, Monday, 11:30 am - Thematic Panel "Urgency in the Metadisciplinarity of Cybersociety"


"The vertiginous process of transformation of society that results from advances in computer science technology requires the opening of a space for the production of knowledge, training and dissemination at UFRJ, which can respond to the specificities of the network society.

It is about finding paths of interdisciplinary interaction that respond to the demands given by the invention of the Internet, the formation of techno-social and techno-political networks, the domination of technological corporations with their platforms, and data science, to name the phenomena more important.

Transdisciplinarity is an urgent political act of reflection, resistance and affection.

As part of the praxis of research, education and science, transdisciplinarity deserves to be an ethos, a north, a programmatic pole, of liberation from uncritical pedagogies, scientific dichotomies, from fields and knowledge historically separated artificially.

That's our challenge; to advance this debate, this Thematic Panel aims to broaden the dialogue on the transdisciplinarity necessary for examining the transformation process in and in the present historical context."


  • Frederico Jandre
  • Roberto Pessanha
  • Letícia Galluzzi
  • Marco Lucchesi
  • Nelson Maculan

If you want to watch, the procedure is to enter the YouTube channel by clicking here and look for room 14.




Day 12/07, Monday, 2:30 pm - Thematic Panel "Smart and Sustainable Cities"


In this panel, strategies for smart cities will be seen from different perspectives (human, social and technological).


  • Monica Salgado
  • Vincent Ferreira
  • Bruno Ramos
  • Denise Freire
  • Claudio Miceli