Prof. Nelson Maculan (PESC) participates in the "ECCO XXXVI Conference 2023" where he presents one of the Plenary Conferences.

The 36th Conference of the European Chapter on Combinatorial Optimization will be held in Chania, Crete, Greece, and will run from Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th May 2023. It will be hosted at the Akali Hotel in the heart of the city center and about a five-minute walk away from the Old Town and the Venetian Harbor.

ECCO (European Chapter on Combinatorial Optimization) is a Working Group of EURO (Association of European Operational Research Societies) that provides an excellent opportunity to discuss recent and important issues in Combinatorial Optimization and its applications.

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Title: "Euclidean Steiner Tree Problem in Rn: Optimization Models and New Heuristics"

We will briefly introduce the Euclidean Steiner Tree Problem in Rn and its most important properties. We will show the construction and computational behavior of nonlinear optimization models with mixed integer variables and their continuous relaxations. Two new heuristics with their respective numerical tests will also be presented.
Note: This is a joint work with Hacène Ouzia (LIP6 - Sorbonne Université, France) and Renan V. Pinto (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ, Brazil).
Part of the topics presented at this conference were published in:
1-Hacène Ouzia, Nelson Maculan, Mixed Integer Nonlinear Optimization Models for the Euclidean Steiner Tree Problem in Rd, Journal of Global Optimization (JOGO), v. 83, pp 119-136, 2022.
2-Renan V. Pinto, Nelson Maculan, A New Heuristic for the Euclidean Steiner Tree Problem in Rn, to be published in TOP.

The Maculan plenary conference will take place on 05/11 at 11:40 (local time).

Once again we will have Maculan promoting his work internationally. Congratulations!


Published on 05/10/2023