We all understand that computer resources are one of the big assets to fight the current pandemic. In the discussion that took place by 23/04/2020, at 11am, Rio's time, we can hear different experiences from leading researchers from the USA, Europe, and Brazil regarding some best practices to tackle such a pandemic situation. TACC, BSC, and COPPE/UFRJ collaborate for many years and it could not be different now! Joining forces again! 

Prof. Alvaro Coutinho, from COPPE's High Performance Computing Center and Coordinator of COPPE's Interdisciplinary Area of Computational Engineering and Science, moderates the discussion. 

The participants are:

Dr. William L. Barth, Director of Future Technologies, The Texas Advanced Computing Center, the University of Texas at Austin, USA

Dr. Guillaume Houzeaux,  Physical and Numerical Modelling Group Manager, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

Dr. Mariano Vazquez, CTO and Co-founder of ELEM Biotech (http://elem.bio) and Researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

Prof. Guilherme H. Travassos, Hub.Rio and Science Engineering and Computer Science Dept Head, COPPE/UFRJ


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